Mercenaries of Capital

Attached please find a recent press release from Aver informatics, a Green Bay based company, invested by local WI Angels, moving to Ohio enticed by VC the Nevv Mercenaries- Drive Capital. This Fund has been invested by Ohio State ($50M) and by Silicon Valley’s VC Mercenaries associated with Sequoia Capital.

WISCPARTNERSYes, it may become a success story in Ohio, but how does that help the State, UW schools, or local economy or employment?

This is the precise challenge addressed by WISC Partners LP, a unique Operating Capital (OC) Fund, specifically created to fund, expand and execute resources of the globally placed and experienced Badger State Alumni Network (BSAN).

Wisconsin Investment & Strategic Capital combines the “Capital and Execution” to drive growth, employment and wealth creation in the State of WI while bringing the global resources of Capital, business infrastructure, markets and manufacturing to create and deliver value within the State of Wisconsin.

WISC Partners, invests with companies at various stages, with diversified technologies/products/markets to maximize the enterprise and hence the shareholder value. The Capital placed is sourced from high Net worth Individuals/Family Funds in WI, and the Badger Alumni Network. The Fund is chartered to give back up to 25% the returns to the GP’s to various academic/business organizations in the State. To learn or participate in WISC Partners LP please visit or call David Guinther (GP) at 608-256-9101.

We, with your support, will protect the “Brain-Drain” dream and loss of employment within the State of WI intelligently, effectively and collectively.


About Cameron Ackbury, CPA

Founding Director at DaggerFoil Group
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