Sales Manager End of Year “Push” Memo

The following is a guest post by Elay Cohen, CEO of Saleshood.

Sales Managers:

IMG_2979It’s the last month of the year. It’s crunch time. Engage your sales teams with your communications in your team meetings and in email. There is no time like the present to inspire your sales team to think BIG and make the month and year count. You’re already on your way to a great year, now give it that last push.Here is a memo you can send out to your sales teams to ignite the end of year magic.  Personalize it to your style and sales culture. 


To: Your Sales Team

Subject: Make December BIG        

It’s our time. Now more than ever we need to focus our activity to make December and this year really count. Let’s prepare for the 20th being the end of the month. Here are some priorities for you to think about in every deal and for us to talk about in our team meetings and 1:1s. 

Bubble Up Red Flags

Avoid “happy ears” and make sure we are being mindful of any red flags on our deals.  Consider any last moves our competitors may do to try and derail a buy decision that’s in our favor. Watch for influencers in your accounts that may have objections we need to overcome.  Be curious.  Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions even if the answers may not be in our favor.

Sharpen Your Close Clans

Whether you call it a success plan or a mutual action plan, every deal should have a Close Plan. Make sure your champions and influencers are aligned on the Close Plan activities. Empower your buyers with the close plans to achieve success.  Use language in the Close Plans that is customer specific.  Have your customers sign off on the document if they haven’t already.

Look For Upside Deals

Don’t underestimate the power of upside deals. Look at your Q1 opportunities for any upside.  Your customers have issues and initiatives that need to be solved now. The magic of Q4 is alive in their buying cycles too.  Solve big problems and uncover compelling events to accelerate opportunities.

Use Your Resources

Never lose alone. Win as a team. Your executive, product, marketing, and support teams are here to help you demonstrate value with your customers.  Don’t be afraid to request help for any of your opportunities.  You have an army behind you ready to act on any need.

Avoid Deals Going Sideways

The last think you want is a deal going sideways at the end of the month because we missed a step in the buying process. Have all the logistical details mapped out and known. These are important steps that should be included in your Close Plans too. Make sure the PO process, vacation time, legal hurdles and board meetings are known.  Stay on top of your customer’s decision-making process.

The entire company is here to help you and your customers be successful.

Make it count. Finish strong.

Happy selling.


Good luck with month and year everyone.

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