Should a CEO be Involved in a Sales Process?

There is tremendous debate whether CEO’s should be involved in a sales cycle.  Many leading business consulting firms advise that there is more damage done when a CEO is directly involved in a sales deal.  Other consulting firms advise that CEO’s should be actively involved in sales deals, especially the top revenue producing clients.  The following are five reasons for and against involving CEO’s in a sales process.

Reasons Why a CEO Should be Involved in Sales Processes

  • To Understand Sales Challenges First Hand:  Hearing issues directly from the customer rather than filtered from sales leaders will give the CEO an ability to communicate challenges to the board first hand and to fix those challenges internally.
  • To Build on Value Propositions:  The CEO has visibility into all aspects of the business and can often bring a unique perspective to the sales cycle.
  • To Close the Deal:  The CEO can provide more assurances and resources to the client than the sales leaders.
  • To Establish Executive Relationships:  Communication between executives can often resolve challenges and issues.
  • To Create Market Opportunities:  The CEO will see new opportunities, relationships or partnerships

Reasons Why a CEO Should Not be Involved in Sales Processes

  • The Company May Appear Small:  Many clients do not expect the CEO to be involved in a sales process especially when the value of the deal is small.

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