Part I: Tips for Conducting a Successful Meeting in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

For those companies planning to meet with customers, suppliers or vendors in or from the Asia Pacific Region, it is important to understand the cultural nuances. The following six tips should be considered for successful meetings:

Tip #1:  Plan your meetings carefully with an insider who knows and understands the people that will attend the meeting, the relationships, and the culture.  Do not presume that you understand the culture. Better yet, assume you do not understand the culture. Depending on the country, there are many levels of subtlety, depth, and custom that even the well-studied and experienced foreigner will not fully understand.

For more information, please contact the leading sales and marketing consultants at Daggerfoil Group or Cameron Ackbury at (415) 295-4870.


About Cameron Ackbury, CPA

Founding Director at DaggerFoil Group
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