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    I’ve flown 175,000 miles with United this year. I have 12 upgrade certificates that I have been unable to use because I need to buy the more expensive ticket. Not once has someone come to me and said, hey, we know your stuck in coach, how about a glass of wine on us? United Airlines is like a girlfriend that treats me bad but I have to date her because I have nobody else.

Why Virgin Atlantic Isn’t Getting This Traveler’s Business


A series of missed opportunities mean that this high-flying traveler has no desire to turn to Virgin Atlantic.

4 hours ago

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Stephen Rhee United absolutely blows and they have made 1ks worthless. They have progressed into the abyss of mediocrity at warp speed. 1 hour ago

Cameron Ackbury thanks – I needed someone to validate the pian Next year will try to negtiate a package. 13 seconds ago

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