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Project management software review: Mindjet
Mini-interview with Cameron Ackbury, general manager (Asia-Pacific, Japan & Latin America) of Mindjet
What kind of project manager are Mindjet’s products designed for?
Today’s professionals work on all types of projects but often refer to them as tasks. Our products allow teams of people that are working together to complete a series of tasks whether on small or larger scale projects. Yet unlike even a few years ago these tasks are managed across different locations, with widely dispersed teams.

Mindjet is great collaboration software that you should add to your project arsenal. We have both mobile apps, cloud solutions and desktop products that all allow you to harness the agility required in such a dynamic role.

Who is your ideal user, or the user who will get the most from the software?
Professionals who are looking for a complete solution that allows them to generate ideas, plan projects and then execute upon those ideas see great results with Mindjet products. Users that need quick and easy access to the status and details of a project, want to co-edit projects with team members and then make changes on the fly, would thrive using Mindjet’s products

What does your software have that no other software offers?
Unlike mere data storage or sharing solutions we provide a collaborative work management solution that focuses teams on the actual work being done. With the flurry of information ever accelerating and teams being challenged to do more with less Mindjet visual manner enables professionals easily and quickly gain insights into issues and then create an action plan to get work done.

Available on the desktop, behind the firewall on SharePoint servers, in the clouds and on mobile devices, Mindjet allows team members to have a central repository to exchange information and promote idea generation.


About Cameron Ackbury, CPA

Founding Director at DaggerFoil Group
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