Mindjet Responds to the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan with Help from the Mindful Program

As we are all aware on Friday, March 11, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake – one of the largest in recorded history – occurred off Japan’s northeast coast, generating a devastating tsunami and creating an ongoing humanitarian crisis.  We have been in touch with our office and partners in Tokyo and are relieved to report that all are physically well but understandably terribly shaken by these events. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Mindjet office in Japan and all of the families and individuals affected by tragedy.

 For employees who want to help, Mindjet’s social consciousness organization, Mindful, has set aside $5,000 in matching funds to support those who wish to donate to the American Red Cross in their aim to help those impacted by these recent events.  To make an immediate donation please click here.

In addition, Mindjet will make our products available for no charge for relief efforts needed by governments and businesses. Abe Smith, Regional Vice-President of Sales of Americas and APAC and head of the Mindful program, will work with our office in Japan to identify the various Japan-based organizations that are working to provide disaster relief and ensure that services are  delivered to those organizations most in need.

 For more information on how our service can help, please see the case study on how Mindjet helped the United States Federal Aviation Administration’s hurricane response unit in the wake of Hurricane Jeanne in 2004. Mindjet will provide an update in regards to the recipient organization as soon as possible.

For more information on how you can help please contact mindful4japan@mindjet.com.


Contributions from US donors are tax deductible.


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