Selling into China

China presents a great opportunity for many organizations. I recently attended a seminar sponsored by IDC that discussed doing business in China.  Their recommendation for selling into China seems bewildering at first but makes sense upon full explanation.  To get your product to market within China, it is important to know government officials within the region you are selling.  Make sure that person(s) understand the value of your product or services you plan on offering so that the official can sponsor you locally.  To get to one of these officials, you will need local resellers that specialize in your niche.  This process may take years to bear fruition.

According to IDC, know which regions you want to do business.  From there, you need to break down the list of cities within the region you want to target.  From there, get a sponsor/reseller and court them.  They will have the resources to get your product to an official.  These officials will not take cold calls but work through people they know and trust.  These resellers should have the strength of relationship to get you an introduction.  Once the introduction occurs, it will take time, energy, and resouces to get their buy in.

These officials sign off or buy your product.  Once that occurs, other cities take notice of your product and will want to emulate the success.  It is at this point, you may begin selling into China.

Many organizations see the opportunity to sell into China but neither understand how to sell nor have to patience for a long term strategy.


About Cameron Ackbury, CPA

Founding Director at DaggerFoil Group
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