An Outline to Building a Sales and Marketing Team for a SaaS Software Company

An anonymous industry executive gave me his high level notes to building an effective (KISS) sales and marketing team for a SaaS Software company


  1. Build a Marketing Strategy  (Weekly)
    1. Pull Based (3-6 Month Sales Cycles)

                                                               i.      Google Search

                                                             ii.      CRM Landmark

                                                            iii.      Webinars

                                                           iv.      Tradeshows

                                                             v.      eMail Campaigns

  1. Push Based (> 6 month sales cycle)
  2. Create a Solid Customer Experience
    1. Build brand (salesforce = cloud/netsuite = one system no limits/SAP = great companies)

                                                               i.      Why should you trust us

                                                             ii.      Will you protect me

                                                            iii.      Will I lose my job if I select you

                                                           iv.      Will we maintain a long term relationship

  1. Create a website that is simple that identifies your brand
  2. Develop a Product positioning workshops  that separates you from the crowd

                                                               i.      Create doubt in others

                                                             ii.      Rebuild confidence in your own product

  1. Market a promise (service), not just the product (software)
  2. Understand How customers and what stage they are in the buying cycle
  3. Trial Accounts – get them using the system – don’t let them get off it
  4. Recorded Demonstrations
  5. Marketing material
  6. Customer Reference Program

                                                               i.      Customers want to be known as industry experts, create a win

                                                             ii.      Recorded demo’s on website

  1. Redefine the marketplace (Once a Month)
    1. Publications
    2. Press Releases on recent wins, new hires, etc
    3. Speaking engagements
    4. Celebrate the victories and create noise
    5. Teach Sales People how to sell
      1. Takes 1 year to teach sales people the value propositions
      2. Reinforce differing messages at all stages of sales cycle
      3. Understand your market
        1. Geographies
        2. Industry solutions or vertical


  1. Develop Quotas that are realistic
    1. Sales should be hitting their number before thinking growth
    2. 3-5 x OTE or 5-7 salary
    3. Develop statistics that are measurable
      1. Demo to close ratios
      2. # new opportunities from each source
      3. Well balanced mixture of inbound versus outbound
      4. Sales people in one office to learn from one another
      5. Segment the sales team
        1. Hunters differ from farmers
        2. Direct v.s. Channel
        3. Solution sell v.s. consultative
        4. Enterprise v.s. SMB
        5. Ability to demonstrate the product

About Cameron Ackbury, CPA

Founding Director at DaggerFoil Group
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