#9 Mandate Training

Training is a fundamental, but often overlooked, element to a successful accounting implementation.   There is a statistical correlation between the success of the implementation and training.  The project manager should receive complete product training as he will be responsible for the success of the implementation.  In a hosted environment, training can occur either over the web or in a formal classroom setting.  Oftentimes, training will occur during the implementation of the product as the project manager will sit with the business analyst during configuration, which will accelerate the implementation timeframe.  To ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge, make sure the same business analyst remains on the project throughout the implementation. Once the implementation is complete, a sandbox environment can be provisioned that is a mirror of the production instance for training purposes.  Many organizations utilize a train-the-trainer program to reduce costs.  If there are many complex business rules that require testing, training documentation can be modified directly into testing scripts.  Unlike an on-premise implementation, hosted applications are dedicated to the success of the implementation as it is directly reflected in their retention rate.  Therefore, the business analyst will often provide best practice implementation tips and techniques.   Last, use the vendor’s network to reach out to other like organizations to learn from their experiences.


About Cameron Ackbury, CPA

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