#1 Executive Support

#1:  Executive Support

Not surprisingly, the lack of executive support and sponsorship is the number one reason why implementations fail, according to a majority of those surveyed.  Change in an organization is difficult for employees, especially those employees that have been performing tasks in a certain manner for a number of years.  Other employees may feel that change is a threat to their current position or title.  Executive sponsorship makes it known that new accounting systems will help the organization achieve better results, and that each and every employee affected needs to be responsible for the success of the implementation.  This could be as simple as taking the effort to learn the new system or perhaps refine a process to reduce manual steps.  The executive team should appoint a qualified project manager, particularly one who understands business processes across departments.  The project manager should have authority to resolve conflicts and should be responsible for the success of the overall program with some form of measureable objectives in place.  If at all possible, the current duties of the assigned project manager should be re-assigned (or at a minimum reallocated) until project completion.  The project manager should keep the executive team apprised of all issues and the executive team should remain involved throughout the implementation.


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