#2 Use Pain Points to Focus

#2 Use Pain Points to Focus

Organizations typically buy and implement a new system to solve a “pain”.  Knowing the pain is vital to keeping the project within scope and on schedule.  Our analysis suggest there are five key pain points that drive new system projects:  revenues are falling, expenditures are rising, visibility into operations is difficult to obtain, audit standards are lacking, or customer satisfaction is declining.  While one or more of these pain points may apply, the implementation should begin with an executive statement why the organization is changing from their legacy system.  The executive statement should then summarize the pain points at a broad level. The executive statement then becomes a blueprint for the project plan and implementation.  For example, if revenues are falling, the organization may want to focus their efforts on their order-to- cash process and consider a broader project that includes customer relationship management (CRM).  If expenditures are rising, the procurement-to-pay process may be the focal point.  The focus should first be on the location, department, business unit or process that has the most complex issues or pain and then replicated to other areas or processes of the organization.


About Cameron Ackbury, CPA

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